101 Fun Things To Do With Your Kids This Summer

If you have kids, you know that they are the center of your universe, and when summer comes around, the phrase “I’m bored” is said more times than you would care to count — all over a short 3 month period! Sometimes (every year), that first week of school couldn’t be more anticipated and appreciated! Finally the summer boredom has ended!

Instead of doing the usual movie marathons and video games from sunrise to sundown, I propose we do a  few fun and unique things to get the kids out of the house. If you’d like to have an unforgettable summer with your kids, go check out this huge list of things to do over the summer over at Care.com! Maybe even pick out a few of your favorites and start planning them now. Or, even better, print the list out and post it where you can easily see it.

I LOVE these! Better than sitting around and watching tv or playing video games.