22 Clever No-Heat Hairstyles

In the winter, I actually look forward to using my hair dryer. It’s the best way to stay warm after a shower! I’m not sure that my hair has the same appreciation, though. Especially when it get’s scorched just about every day.

Like most of you, I’m also a fan of any style that is quick, easy and pretty — easy WITHOUT your hot styling tools, right? It turns out there are a few brilliant ways to style your hair that don’t require any heat. Some of these are just perfect if you like to wash your hair at night because you can just let all of the styling happen while you’re asleep. Go check out the full list of No-Heat Styles over at BuzzFeed!

MY ARM MUSCLES ARE MADE UP OF: 10% texting, 30% selfies and 60% blowdrying…

No-heat styles that will save your hair! (and your time)