29 Ways To Save A Ton Of Money On Groceries

Everyone likes to save money, but perhaps not to the point of extreme couponing, which I happen to think is obnoxious, and honestly is a full time job, so how much money are you really saving!? Good news. There’s no extreme couponing here, just a few simple tips and tricks that will save you up to $4000 a year on groceries. That’s a lot of money!

You will find the full list of 29 ways to save hundreds on groceries over at Time.com, but I would like to share 3 tips that are so simple and easy you’ll want to start today.

#1. Use half (or 2/3) of the recommended amounts of laundry detergent, dish soap, shampoo, and other cleaning products. In most cases, you don’t need the full amount, that’s just how they get you to come back for more, more often.

#2. Challenge yourself to see how long you can go without going to the grocery store. Go through your pantry and fridge, and get creative! You will be surprised to see the recipes you can make with the ingredients you already have. I impress myself sometimes with the things I come up with.

#3. Cook dinner in bulk, and freeze the rest! It seems as though there are always leftover ingredients that go to waste, but if you use it all in a big batch, you can have a guaranteed meal on the table for weeks. Plus, food tends to be cheaper in bulk, so even if you have a small family, don’t be afraid to buy bigger portions if you can just plan on freezing it.

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