6 Beauty Cheats from Victoria’s Secret Models

I think most of us tend to dread the summer months for one reason: wearing skimpy clothes! Not to mention parading around in a swimsuit, exposing all of our imperfections (we all have them) in the spotlight we call the sun. Diet and exercise certainly go a long way in getting your body in shape, but to help hide imperfections and appear sexier and slimmer, it doesn’t hurt to have a few beauty cheats on your side, right?

Why not turn to the models themselves for expert tips?! I mean, their makeup pros do this kind of stuff for a living. Not only do they have to make these super models look good, they have to look exceptional. Just hop on over to Glamour for the list of beauty cheats from the Victoria’s Secret makeup pros!

Straight from their makeup pro! Waterproof body concealer? Awesome.