83 Healthy Recipe & Baking Substitutions

I’m certainly not known for my creativity in the kitchen (I tend to follow a recipe down to every little pinch), but after a recent weekend visit with one of my good friends, I learned how to make easy substitutions to make just about every recipe a little healthier!

For instance, did you know you can substitute mashed banana for butter or oil? Or greek yogurt for sour cream and mayonnaise? Rolled oats for bread crumbs? Black beans for flour? And the list goes on….

I was looking for a list that I could print out or take notes from and tape to the back of one of my cupboards as a reference, and stumbled across this massive list of 83 healthy recipe substitutions over at Greatist. Go check it out!

How to make your favorite foods healthier without sacrificing flavor! List of healthy recipe substitutions.