Knee High No-Show Socks (Genius!)

I wear little footies more than anything because I wear a lot of flats, but they can be quite obnoxious! They never seem to actually stay in place, and they certainly don’t do a very good job of keeping you warm. Solution: Keysocks!! Designed by three sisters who came up with this idea one day […]

50 Of The Best Beauty Blogs

You know that feeling you get when you find the BEST blog ever — a blog that you can spend hours on learning new tips and tricks for your everyday life!? I think just about every woman wants to know all of the greatest beauty tips and trends. Even if you’re not much of a […]

22 Clever No-Heat Hairstyles

In the winter, I actually look forward to using my hair dryer. It’s the best way to stay warm after a shower! I’m not sure that my hair has the same appreciation, though. Especially when it get’s scorched just about every day. Like most of you, I’m also a fan of any style that is […]

101 Fashion Tips Every Girl Should Know About

When I think of fashion and style, I get a little overwhelmed. This is definitely not my area of expertise! I have so many clothes, and yet, I tend to wear the same things over and over — I suppose comfort is my style. Yikes! Shopping completely wears me out; there are just too many […]

20 Things Thin People Do Differently

Our diet is obviously the biggest factor in our weight, but there are a few things you’d be surprised thinner people do. First, they don’t constantly obsess over what they eat, instead they have unconscious healthy habits, that over time, keep their weight in check. Sure, you can lose weight really fast by going on […]

24 Genius Clothing Items Every Girl Should Have

It’s not easy being a girl! Let’s just think about this for a minute… high heels that torture our feet, bras that stab us in the ribs, and pantyhose that make us feel like we are locked in a cage. Those are just a few examples that prove the price we’ll pay to look our […]

20 Tips For Applying Mascara

For a lot of women, mascara is their beauty staple. It’s the one thing that we don’t leave the house without. When done right, mascara opens the eyes and gives us that ultra-feminie look. Again, WHEN done right! To me, it’s one of the most frustrating things to apply. It seems as though it never […]

10 Everyday Things That Age You

Aging is inevitable, and you really can’t stop doing all of the little things that age you faster. Life just happens! But there are a few surprisingly easy things we can do every day to help slow down the process. My favorite: replace your cotton pillow case with silk or satin. Cotton robs your skin […]