10+ Ways To Get The Best Eyebrows Of Your Life

Most of us ignore our eyebrows, and some of us have the opposite problem of over plucking them to the point of non-existence. Our eyebrows help define our face, and the way that we shape them can help disguise or enhance some of our best and worst features. For instance, did you know that really […]

21 Easy & Stylish Ways to Wear a Plain White T-Shirt

The plain white t-shirt is a staple of fashion history, which virtually every fashion icon wears proudly at some point in their career. Not only that, but there is even a band named after them, so go figure. The plain white t-shirt can be bought at just about any store that sells clothing and can […]

The 33 Best-Kept Hair Secrets

Whether you want to create volume or get the sleekest ponytail, there are so many tips and tricks when it comes to styling your hair! After all, it’s something you fuss over every day. Why not make the process a little less painful? Get the most out of your hair and all of your styling […]

30 Foods That Make You Beautiful

Sometimes our health alone just isn’t enough motivation to eat healthy on a regular basis, but if you consider how certain foods play a role in the beauty of your skin and hair, that may make it a little easier! We all want to look our best! So, don’t think of food and just how […]

10 Tips For Getting Rid Of Cellulite

Whether it’s minor or really obvious, just about all of us suffer from cellulite! And, you don’t have to be overweight to be unfortunate enough to have it. Whether you lose weight or not, you’d be surprised at how certain foods make a difference in the strength of your dermal cells. Go check out the […]

The 25 Easiest and Prettiest Updos

Unless you’re attending a really formal event, I find that the most beautiful updos are the one’s that are a little messy! The key to a beautiful updo is first choosing one that flatters your features (for some this means a low bun, and others a high bun), and it must also be quick and […]

10 Secrets To Brighter, Whiter Teeth

Everybody knows that coffee, soda, red wine and dark pigmented juices will darken your teeth over time, but there are some simple and effective ways to have whiter looking teeth in no time. There are some helpful hints for an immediate whitening appearance as well as longer term more natural looking teeth whitening, and you […]

8 Makeup Mistakes You’re Probably Making

What you see in your bathroom mirror may not be what you’re actually getting! The unnatural light will make your makeup look completely different than when you step out that front door, and this is why a lot of us get it all wrong. Whether it’s too much or too little, the application and choice […]