Top 37 Things You’ll Regret When You’re Old

It can be brutal looking back on our life with regrets. Life is just too short to put everything on hold. Unfortunately, most of us do just that – “Oh, I’ll get around to that later.” And then you wake up one day and your opportunity has passed you by. When your children are young, […]

50 Easy Ways To Love Yourself More

You know that saying, “Love yourself more and everything else falls in line”? It couldn’t have been said better. I’ve learned from years of experience just how true this is. It’s amazing what we can accomplish and how fulfilling our lives can be when we just take a little extra time each day to love […]

83 Healthy Recipe & Baking Substitutions

I’m certainly not known for my creativity in the kitchen (I tend to follow a recipe down to every little pinch), but after a recent weekend visit with one of my good friends, I learned how to make easy substitutions to make just about every recipe a little healthier! For instance, did you know you […]

101 Of The Best Running Tips

In today’s world, I think we all forget that we were meant to run! Have you ever noticed that children like to run just about everywhere they go? What changes as we get older? Stress? With all of the sitting around we do, It’s no wonder why a good run (or any workout for that […]

101 Easy Ways To Improve Your Relationship

I think we could all use a little advice in this department! Every relationship struggles from time to time, even the best ones. When a relationship starts to go south, a lot of time it’s because the newness factor has worn out. That may sound bad, but if you don’t try, a relationship can get […]

25 Delicious Detox Recipes

Who knew detoxing could be so good! After my recent vacation to Cancun (where beer is basically water), I went on a hunt for some healthy detox recipes besides just juice. Detox juice is great and all, but I’m not trying to starve myself here. I’m kind of a health nut, but I stumbled across […]

20 Things Thin People Do Differently

Our diet is obviously the biggest factor in our weight, but there are a few things you’d be surprised thinner people do. First, they don’t constantly obsess over what they eat, instead they have unconscious healthy habits, that over time, keep their weight in check. Sure, you can lose weight really fast by going on […]

10 Everyday Things That Age You

Aging is inevitable, and you really can’t stop doing all of the little things that age you faster. Life just happens! But there are a few surprisingly easy things we can do every day to help slow down the process. My favorite: replace your cotton pillow case with silk or satin. Cotton robs your skin […]