Easy Microwave Blueberry Mug Cake

If you are looking for something sweet but don’t want an entire pie or cake sitting on your counter all week (because you’ll eat it all!!), you’ve got to try a good ol’ microwave mug cake! It’s the perfect dessert for one. This blueberry mug cake from Five Heart Home is one of my favorites! I do have a thing for blueberries, though. 🙂

You can also substitute any berry for the blueberries (raspberries, strawberries, etc.), and perhaps even add in a few milk or white chocolate chips if you’re really craving something sweet. Lemon zest or juice is also a nice addition to the blueberries. You can find the full instructions and recipe here.
Easy Microwave Blueberry Mug Cake Recipe -- A super easy no bake dessert for one that cooks in the microwave in just a few minutes!