How To Avoid A Ponytail Dent

If you’ve every put your hair up into a ponytail, you know about the dreaded ponytail bump! When you want to take your hair down after having it up all day, you have to either get it wet and restyle it, or use your curling or straightening iron to get rid of it– unless you avoid the problem in the first place!

These unique hair rings are traceless, better for your hair, and prevent headaches! They also work well for putting your hair up into a messy bun without the crazy hair look if you want to take it down. I like the crystal clear color because it’s hardly noticeable, but my daughter loves the brighter colors (she wears them around here wrist as a bracelet, too!). I haven’t seen them in the stores (I’ve only looked at Walmart and Target, though) but you can pick them up here.

How to avoid that annoying ponytail dent! Wish I had known about these years ago -- invisibobble.