How To Fix Cracked Heels Fast

Because I use this electronic foot file often, and have had better results than any other cracked heel treatment, I couldn’t resist sharing this genius product to all of my readers. It really doesn’t seem to matter how well you treat your feet, you’re going to end up with dry, calloused, and possibly even cracked heels eventually– and I don’t walk around barefoot, and apply lotion just about every day to my feet, and I still have this problem?!

I stumbled across this a few months ago after I realized I needed to do something before sandal weather, and really thought it was quite an investment at $35, but if it actually worked, well then, hey, it would be worth every penny! And let me tell you, IT WORKS! I don’t even recognize my own feet.

No plugs or charging needed because it comes with 4 AA batteries (mine are still going strong after at least a dozen uses), and you can purchase the files separately when they are ready to be replaced. I still haven’t replaced mine and it’s still working like new.

I would recommend using it outdoors because it can be kind of messy (just imagine dead skin flying and swirling around everywhere), but it works, so who cares! You can pick up one of these cracked heel miracles on Amazon, and BONUS: there are over four thousand positive reviews and 90+ answered questions. Say goodbye to those evil, ugly cracks!

How to fix cracked heels fast!!