20 Nail Hacks Every Girl Should Know!

Every girl loves a set of pretty nails! But, we don’t necessarily like the hassle they can entail, especially if you do them yourself. And it certainly isn’t worth all the trouble if the polish isn’t going to last at least a week, right? If you are a DIY manicurist (is that a word??), then […]

20 Genius Craft Hacks Nobody Told You About

Whether you like being crafty or not, chances are, you will eventually find yourself armed with a glue gun and ball of yarn at some point in your life, especially if you have kids! My daughter is the queen of crafting, and I’m constantly finding myself in the middle of her projects. I just bought her a […]

25 Creative Classroom Ideas For Teachers

It takes a very special person to be able to teach a classroom full of children, and I feel that most teachers could use every tip and tool they have available to make the year successful. Staying organized is especially hard when you have 25+ students to keep track of! I have a hard time […]

24 Cheap & Easy Meals You Can Make With Rotisserie Chicken

Rotisserie chicken is not only convenient and cheap, it is the BEST tasting chicken! I don’t know how the grocery stores can sell them at such little cost (I think they lose money but then profit off of your other purchases?), but it sure beats preparing your own for double the cost, and then ten times the […]

41 Super Easy Ways To Transform Your T-shirts

STOP! Don’t you dare throw or give away an old t-shirt, not when you can easily transform it into something so much better! I especially love these creative t-shirt transformations as a swimsuit cover up because you don’t have to worry about your bra showing or little imperfections. Most of these brilliant transformations are no-sew […]

29 Genius Ways To Organize Your Laundry Room

In my house, the laundry room is usually last on the list when it comes to spending the time to clean and organize. It’s the place where everyone leaves their junk laying around for me to trip over (the basketball, craft supplies, tools, ice chests, and lots of dirty laundry of course). Although I haven’t spent […]

How To Fix Cracked Heels Fast

Because I use this electronic foot file often, and have had better results than any other cracked heel treatment, I couldn’t resist sharing this genius product to all of my readers. It really doesn’t seem to matter how well you treat your feet, you’re going to end up with dry, calloused, and possibly even cracked heels […]

How To Avoid A Ponytail Dent

If you’ve every put your hair up into a ponytail, you know about the dreaded ponytail bump! When you want to take your hair down after having it up all day, you have to either get it wet and restyle it, or use your curling or straightening iron to get rid of it– unless you avoid […]