How To Pick Out The Perfect Watermelon

I’ve always struggled with finding the perfect watermelon. It seems as though half the time I purchase a watermelon it is disappointing. It’s usually not sweet enough, but I’ve also had issues where the flesh is mushy or the texture is just plain weird. The struggle is REAL! Never buy a lame watermelon again with these 5 tips and tricks on how to buy a superstar watermelon from Fifteen Spatulas.

***There were a few tips on her list that I didn’t see but have heard in the past. I’ve read that the stem should be dried out, indicating that it was picked while it was ripe. If it is green, this means that the watermelon was picked before it had fully ripened. Also, The weblike brown spots on a watermelon are actually a GOOD thing. They are a sign that bees pollenated the fruit, which means that the watermelon will likely be very sweet.***

When one has tasted watermelon, he knows what the angels eat…

5 tips and tricks on how to choose the BEST watermelon! Wish I had known this a long time ago. A life hack every girl should know!