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Music To My Ear-Rings

Ear-Rings to My Ears

It all started on a bright and sunny California day when I had my bass guitar “set up” which means fixed as it wasn’t making a sound.  Funny how you can’t play the guitar without sound.

To fix it, the strings had to be replaced (which does not happen often on bass guitars) and I thought “these would make really cool bracelets” because they have played music and the musical vibrations are in the strings!  I was already making jewelry, funky earrings, necklaces, and rings made out of vintage buttons and LOVED the idea of using recycled guitar strings and bass guitar strings for jewelry.

The earrings I make out of guitar strings are called “Music to my Ear-Rings” and have the musical healing vibes from the key they play on guitar (E, A, D and G) as well as the healing reiki I use when making them.

I love jewelry, to be adorned in nice things that are affordable, make me feel good and really enjoy when others love my jewelry as well.  We throw away so much and if I can do what I can, by recycling what others throw away and turn it into something beautiful, maybe others would be inspired to as well.  This is why I also use vintage beads, pearls, buttons I get at estate sales when I design my earrings.  There is so much old costume jewelry no one wants anymore and the landfills don’t need it so I use it!

Of all the jewelry I’ve designed over the years the guitar string earrings are my favorite for many reasons.  First is because my Dad has played guitar (and bass guitar) since way before I was born so I’ve always been surrounded by music.  And from what I’ve learned about always being around music is that music heals the soul.  I’ve used my Dad’s old guitar strings for earrings for my Mom and all of my sisters so they will always have something that my Dad has played.  I have also made others who play guitar earrings for their loved ones or for themselves.

I love that the strings don’t want to be conformed into a circle but I do it anyway because a circle has many wonderful meanings such as the power of the female, infinity, being complete and being whole.  When I add semi-precious stones to the earrings it ads another level of healing depending on which semi-precious stone is used (which can be personalized as well.)  Lastly, each pair of earrings I make are unique because no two guitar strings are going to wrap the exact same way.  “One of a kind” is how I see myself and I love that my earrings are as well.